Why having a good relationship with your photographer is important?


A family photoshoot is more than just nice pictures, it’s about capturing your family connection with authenticity. Do you think there is link between how you feel with your photographer and how you will behave the day of your photo session? For sure, the relationship you will create will have an impact on how the photo session will take place.


A good relationship with your photographer will help you have better photos

During your family portrait session, you will kiss, cuddle, have fun together. In other words, you will open up your world to a stranger.

That’s why it is really important you feel safe in the company of your family photographer and that your kids will also enjoy the experience! This way, you’ll be truly YOU!

If you can be yourself, you can feel relax and your photos will really transpose your connection in an authentic way.


Why a good relationship with your Paris photographer will help you to have better pictures from you?


How to know if this is the right photographer for you?  There are many ways to do so:


Check out the photographer’s personnality

You can find a lot of information in the About section. You’ll find why (s)he is a photographer, what (s)he likes in photography, her/his values, her/his hobbies, maybe some photos and videos of her/him. It’s important that you find someone who you can trust and you think will match with you and your children.


Why a good relationship with your Paris photographer will help you to have better pictures from you?

Here is an example with a family I worked with. Once children know they can have fun, that they can play during the photo session,
it makes the whole experience really fun for them and they’re in a good mood. The result is that the kids are smily,
the parents too and it’s the best way to have beautiful candid pictures!


You can also find numerous information in the Testimonials. Indeed, previous families will inform you on what’s special with the person you’ve chosen. The more the photographer corresponds to your values, the better the communication will be and you’ll see the result into the photos.


Check out the style of her/his photos


Are you looking for posed family portraits, or on the contrary really candid and natural images of you and your children? Check out her/his previous work (usualy the blog section) to see if her/his style corresponds to what you’re expecting.


Your memories are precious, make sure you choose the best photographer for YOU 🙂


If you think I am the right photographer for your family, let’s have a chat together!