Photo session Tuileries Gardens


Family photo session at the Louvre & Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Capturing family moments at the Louvre & Tuileries Gardens

If you’re searching for the perfect backdrop to showcase your family bond, look no further than a photoshoot at the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens in Paris. This iconic location offers a blend of historic charm and natural beauty, creating a unique setting for your family portraits.

Beautiful family portrait in Paris, by Bulles de Joie

Why choosing the Louvre & Tuileries Gardens for a photoshoot?

The Louvre, for its history & its beauty

The Louvre, a world-renowned museum, provides an historic and magnificient atmosphere for your photos. The architecture and surroundings offer a timeless feel that adds sophistication to your family portraits.

Family photoshoot at the Louvre, Paris

Tuileries Gardens, a beautiful garden next to the Louvre

The Tuileries Garden, located next to the Louvre, offers a beautiful escape right in the center of Paris. Featuring a pond, green chairs, and iconic statues, it’s the perfect place for taking both posed and spontaneous family photos.

Family portrait Tuileries Gardens
photo session Tuileries Gardens

Planning your family photo session in Paris, France

The selection of your photographer

Choose a local photographer experienced with kids and at ease in capturing family photos. Look for portfolios showcasing the photos they made previously.

Timing is key

Plan your photoshoot during the morning preferably to take advantage of the soft, flattering light. Avoid peak tourist hours to ensure a more private and intimate experience. Also, note that on Tuesdays, the Museum is closed which means, there is a little less people than usual.

Candid shot in Paris - senior picture
Portrait of a young man in the Tuileries Garden

Outfit Coordination

As far as the outfits are concerned, I would recommand to choose a palette of 3 colors that you will dispatch between each family member. With this family, their choice of wearing blush pink, beige and light blue perfectly fits with the atmosphere of the location.

Candid photoshoot in Paris with an English speaking photographer. Photo session Tuileries Gardens

Creating lasting memories – Photo session Tuileries Gardens

Natural poses and candid shots

During the entire photoshoot, I will encourage you and your family to interact naturally. Kids will be able to play, to run, to jump. Candid moments capture the true essence of family relationships. With this in mind, I will guide you with relaxed and authentic poses.

non posed family photo session Tuileries Gardens

Exploring the surroundings

Take advantage of the diverse settings around the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens. From the iconic pyramid entrance of the Louvre to the relaxed atmosphere of the gardens, each location offers a unique backdrop for your family portraits.

photo session Tuileries Gardens

Discover and download your photos online

Online plateform

Few days after your parisian trip, you will receive your online photo gallery from where you will choose your favorite ones and download your digital files directly from the plateform. You will be able to print them on your favorite material (photo album, frames…).

Dad and their children during a Paris photoshoot at the Tuileries Gardens
Family photoshoot in Paris, Tuileries Gardens

A family photo session at the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens in Paris offers a mix of elegance and nature. My aim is to capture your family’s essence, and the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens provide an ideal backdrop to document your family’s trip to Paris!


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