Where to stay in Paris?

Portrait photo session in Paris, by Bulles de Joie, paris professional photographer

Where to stay in Paris?

You are visiting Paris in a few months, few weeks and you are wondering where to stay in Paris?

As a parisian photographer, my goal is for sure to capture your love and happiness. I would be even more happy to make some recommandations, so you can keep in mind great memories of your stay in our wonderful City!

That’s why I’m creating partnerships with people with whom I share the same values: authenticity, hospitality and kindness.


Interview of the hotel owner
Signature Saint Germain, family-owned hotel


Today, you will discover more about Delphine, the owner of the Signature Hotel Saint Germain, who is a young and dynamic person. Delphine as well as the rest of her team, Manuela and Alice, will be happy to welcome and guide you to create a memorable stay for your wedding anniversary, your family vacation, your honeymoon, whatever reason that brings you to Paris!

  1. Who is Delphine from the Signature St Germain Paris Hotel and what is your story?

I am a young Parisian woman, who was born in Paris, an hotelier family, where hospitality is an “art de vivre” and where the love of PARIS is part of our DNA!

After having travelled around the world and worked in the fashion industry, I naturally came back to my roots and took over a hotel in the heart of the city with my family.

I wish through my business to share the love of my city and to create within my team a family atmosphere.

I would like as well to be part of the shine of my city/country around the world and be part of the evolution of my job in the good direction. Because we are indeed doing a great job: hosting everyday the world in our home 🙂

Portrait session in Paris - Parc de Sceaux - Captured by the paris photographer: Bulles de JoiePhoto credit: Bulles de Joie


  1. What do you offer to people coming in Paris?

A real and authentic Parisian experience. The love of my city and its culture! And a personalized home where every guest feels unique.

We are not a 5 stars hotel, not even a chain nor a sterilized place, we are a typical Parisian home, where the wellbeing of our guests is our priority! Our small sized hotel is a promise of our tailor-made service.


  1. What is your favorite part of your job?

Making my guests loving my city and having a unique moment, and making my Team happy in their daily duties!


  1. What is your favorite restaurant, district, museum in Paris?

Favorite restaurant…it is a hard choice they are soo many I won’t be able to pick one in particular. According to my mood and wishes I will have a different one, that’s part of the charm of Paris : having the choice! And what a choice 🙂

Best disctrict : Saint Germain des Prés of course!

And favorite museum : Musée Rodin for its romantic touch and its amazing garden.


  1. What do you love in Paris?

Its architecture, its art de vivre and its diversity. Paris is beautiful at first sight but what makes it so special it is all around it, its cafes, its markets, its shops, its restaurants, its style, its fashion, its gastronomy, its culture, its museums….a real mix of different arts and people.

Portrait session in Paris - Parc de Sceaux - Captured by the paris photographer: Bulles de JoiePhoto credit: Bulles de Joie


  1. Any advice for lovers and families who are coming on vacation to Paris?

Getting lost! You will always fall on a little gem!


  1. Could you share with us a photograph you like that really illustrates Paris for you?

In this Robert Doisneau picture! you have everything about Paris :  romanticism, architecture, love, fashion and authenticity

Watching at this picture you can’t think twice, it is for sure had been taken in Paris !

Lovers in Paris by Doisneau, paris photographerPhoto credit: Doisneau


  1. What were your last 3 little moments of happiness?

Having my coffee and a delicious croissant this morning at the counter of my local café

Welcoming guests in my home and sharing with them my favorites of my city

Enjoying a delicious Sunday lunch at my parents’ house with my family and then having a nice walk in the park

Portrait session in Paris - Parc de Sceaux - Captured by the paris photographer: Bulles de JoiePhoto credit: Bulles de Joie


Thanks to Delphine for sharing more about herself. I’m sure you will love your stay at the Signature Hotel!
Discover now the beautiful and cosy rooms they can offer you: http://www.signature-saintgermain.com/en/our-rooms/.

For more information for a photoshoot, let’s contact me (Stephanie): https://www.bullesdejoie.net/en/contact-stephanie-paris-photographer-of-happy-people/. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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