” Stephanie has been part of our family tradition for 4 years now. She is the most incredible photographer and the sweetest person to work with. For 4 years in a row, now we have met her to do a photoshoot for our daughter’s birthday and each year it keeps getting better and better. What we love and adore most about Stephanie is her unique ability to capture the expressions of love and the moment in a photograph.
Everything she has captured for us has been so natural and so spontaneous. Each year we have found different set of photographs and expressions to fall in love with and its truly a joy to work with her. She has the innate talent to photograph and capture this perfect moment and does it so effortlessly. Often with kids its hard to capture it because everything happens for fast, but Stephanie not only is fast but she has an eye for what background and what moment will work best.
We keep coming back to Paris every year and Stephanie is one of the biggest blessings of our family tradition. There are tons of photographers out there i am sure, but there are very few, that are like Stephanie the type of person you want to see again and again and the type of person who has the talent and personality to capture our family every year in such a beautiful way.
We feel grateful to have found her and each year we look forward to the images she has captured as they tell a story that is just phenomenal! Thank you Stephanie! Please meet and work with Stephanie, you will quickly realize it will be one of the best parts of your Paris experience. She is not only our family photographer but over the years she has become a very dear friend. You will agree with me when you meet her!! Talented person and such a sweet soul! “
Nikkie & Tony S. , Birthday photosession in Paris

” My husband and I took a romantic Valentines Day Vacation to Paris and wanted some nice photos to commemorate the experience. Stephanie was the best! We are not photogenic and we both can become shy and awkward in front the camera. She made us feel comfortable and helped us to reveal our true personalities on film. The experience was amazing and the results were images and memories that we will cherish forever! A true professional and a delight to work with. “

Sarah and Brandon, Valentine’s Day in Paris

” Stephanie photographed a proposal for us in Monet’s Garden and was amazing. She went above and beyond what she needed to do for us and the photos look great. Thank you Stephanie for putting our mind at ease in a potentially very stressful moment! “

The Proposers, Proposal in Monet Garden

” My wife and I were celebrating our 25th anniversary in Paris and were fortunate to have Stephanie do a photo shoot on our special day. The photo shoot was a blast, we had such a fun time! Stephanie was very easy to work with and she made us feel very comfortable so we could be ourselves. The photos are spectacular – Stephanie has a great eye! We are so happy to have these special memories from our special day. We highly recommend Stephanie for your special occasions! “

Felice & David, 25th wedding anniversary in Paris

“Since the first moment we met, she was sweet and patient. She made us feel so comfortable that the pictures shows so natural and intimate. We are so happy with the results and we recommend Stephanie for any occasion, she gets involved with people to make the best pictures and have the best memories that anyone would remember!
Thanks Steph for giving us the best pictures of our honeymoon!!!!!

Federica & Asier, Honeymoon photo session

“It has always been a life-long dream of mine to visit Paris, so when a trip was planned to celebrate my 30th birthday, I knew a photo shoot to commemorate my time in the City of Lights would be essential. As a planner at heart, I spent a great deal of time researching potential photographers, hoping to find someone whose images captured the look and feel that I was dreaming of. The search ended when I found Stephanie. Not only were her sample photographs beautiful, but she was able to capture real moments and real love in every image! After our first email exchange, I knew we made the right choice in Stephanie and that we’d be fast friends. Not only does she have immense talent, but she is super sweet, cares for her clients and has a knack for making everyone feel like a carefree celebrity in front of the camera! Not only did we take home the most amazing souvenir (our photos), but as an added bonus we made a friend! Looking forward to my next visit in Paris so we can commemorate another moment of my life as well as catch up with an old friend over a cup of hot chocolate! xoxo”

Daina & Tim, Love photo session in Paris

“Stephanie was absolutely fabulous for our family photos in Paris. We love all of the photos. We had no idea where to take photos. Stephanie had great locations. Perfect scenery for our first time in Paris. We used our photos for our holiday cards and received lots of compliments. Definitely would do again.” 

Beth & family, Family photo shoot in Paris

“When my husband and I got married in Paris, we were lucky enough to have Stephanie capture the moments of our most special day. From the moment we met her, she was kind, personable, and had such a warm spirit! We were so at ease in her presence so we were thankful that our pictures reflected our comfort. As our wedding photo shoot continued, it was clear to us that her knowledge of the unique sites around the city would place us in very lovely settings, and as we had hoped, every photo that she captured was absolutely breathtaking. My husband and I now look forward to the moment that we get to have Stephanie capture more exciting moments in our future!” 

Princess & Leonardo, Elopement in Paris

“The experience with Stephanie was magical. I felt like a model and trusted her judgment behind the camera. The different locations brought a sense of depth Paris and was neat to see some pockets of the city we wouldn’t have otherwise seen. She put us at ease resulting in an amazing experience.” 

Gina & Eric, Surprise love session in Paris

“We wanted to capture fun photoshoot with our god kids and we were glad to have Stephanie shoot for us. She was very prompt in connecting with us with the details prior to the shoot. The shoot was very fun and the pictures amazing!” 

Jasmine & Adrian, Photoshoot in Paris