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Who is Stephanie, paris professional photographer for lovers & families?

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I’m Stéphanie, 33 years old, recently married, living in Paris. I’m a really joyful, enthousiastic and sensitive person, who love sharing with people and discovering new experiences and places!

I was born and raised in Paris, from a German mum and a French dad. My adorable little sister was born when I was 3 and she’s my accomplice since then! Altough we grew up in Paris, nature was part of my childhood as well. We often visited our grand-parents in the countryside during our holidays or we were travelling and discoverg some French regions (seaside, mountains) with my parents.

Since a child, I also love singing, dancing, reading, listen to stories and watch movies. And I keep sheding a tear at the end of some romantic movies!

Photo Credit: Delphine Delambre

How photography entered in my life?

I always wanted to capture shorted-lived moments through photographs. Thus, these moments would forever be rememered! My parents also gave me the taste of photography. We had a tradition: after each holidays, we were gathering in the living room to watch the slideshow of our photos. That’s why Photography means a lot for me, and particularly sharing quality moments with my relatives!

Why did I become a professional photographer specialised in portraits?

When I bought my first digital reflex in 2010, I was very excited to learn how to use it to create all kind of images! So I registered to photo courses. And then I discovered the Portrait. It was a perfect match of all I love: photography, people and beauty!

Through each person, each couple, each family was a story to discover, feelings to feel and to transpose into lively, joyful and genuine portraits.

After 3 years working as both bilingual assistant in real estate and photographer, I decided to become a full-time photographer to:

  • Immortalize life
  • Make visible (through photographs) the invisible (emotions, feelings, sensations)
  • Create joyful and genuine images
  • Create a nice atmosphere for a quality moment with your lover or family
  • Keep lively souvenirs from a special moment (engagement, anniversary, birthday, vacation, honeymoon, elopement…)
  • Underline the connection that exists with your loved one / family
  • Create beautiful images that you may hang on your walls and give to your children

For me, photography is a way of life: see the beauty in everything and everybody. It’s a mean to remember, to exeprience again the sensations, the emotions and to share them.

Having my own business allows me to create my dreamed job and integrate the most important values for me, which are:

My values

Moment of complicity
Joie de vivre
Smile / Laughter
Present moment / Slow life