FAQ: questions / answers for a lifestyle photo session

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the photoshoot

Who is the photographer behind Bulles de Joie Photography?

I’m Stéphanie, 33 years old, photographer of Happy People since 2015. I love meeting people, photography, love stories, traveling, singing, chocolate and so much more things!


What I really like in my job is capturing the chemistry between people and transpose it into beautiful portraits that you will be happy to watch again and again.


Discover more about my story.

Where can we do our photoshoot?

Originally from Paris, I know this beautiful city very well and would be glad to share the best (well-known and hidden) places with you!


Beautiful parisian locations:

* Trocadero
* Bir Hakeim Bridge
* Luxembourg garden & surroundings
* Louvre & surroundings
* Montmartre
* Notre-Dame
* Parisian Cafe


And so many other places, that I would recommand according to what you are looking for.


As a globetrotter, it’s always a pleasure to travel and shoot your moments everywhere in the world! Please let me know what your next destination is…

How much is a photo session in Paris with you?

A photoshoot is an out-of-time moment that we give to ourself and our loved one(s). A happy moment that will last forever through natural, spontaneous and happy pictures.


You’ll find more details at the following link: https://www.bullesdejoie.net/your-photoshoot/.

To which occasion can we book a photo session?

There are plenty of occasions to have a professional photographer on your side! To name just a few:


Where do we book you?

Thank you very much for your trust! I would love to transpose your connection into candid & joyful portraits!


Your next step is to book your Paris photo shoot with a non-refundable 50% retainer and a contract; your balance is due latest on the day of the shoot.

What should we wear?

It’s important to choose outfits in which you feel comfortable, as well as coordinate them with the other person(s). Here is a Pinterest board with several examples: https://www.pinterest.fr/Bullesdejoie/what-to-wear-for-your-photoshoot/.


Choose 2 to 3 colors (exemple: navy and yellow) that you will decline between each of you. Dare colors: yellow and red are so beautiful on photos!

Should we bring props?

Sure! I can provide the following ones: bubbles, chalk board, glitter.


You can also come to the photo session with your own props: hats, flowers, macaroons, champagne, confetti poppers. Helium balloons are great fun during the photo session as well as creating beautiful and lively portraits! I would be glad to book the balloons for you that you will pickup before your session.

What time of the day is the best for our photo session in Paris?

In summer, I would highly recommand morning sessions for the light as well as less people around you. If you’d like to go to Trocadero (in front of the Eiffel Tower), I only do morning photoshoots to avoid the crowd and for you to have great pictures!


In Winter, it can vary depending on the temperatures.

I'm not photogenic...

That’s what my clients are thinking often. By making feel you confortable throughout the photoshoot, this will allow you to express spontaneous expressions and capture your natural beauty.

The day of the photoshoot

What kind of photographs can we expect?

I practise lifestyle photography, which means I will capture your moments in a natural and spontenous way. I will guide you so you can relax and feel free to live an authentic moment with the one(s) you love. I will thus transpose your relationship into joyful and genuine photos!


See more about the style of the photos in that video.

What if it is raining the day of the shoot?

The weather is unpredictable. Photos in Paris taken under an umbrella are also very beautiful and give a romantic atmosphere. In addition to the umbrella, we will go to some covered parisian places or galleries and a parisian cafe. If it’s raining too much while we planned a family session, we will try to postpone the photoshoot to another time, if possible.

How will we be spontaneous and natural?

We will walk, chat, I will guide you, make you laugh. And then, as time goes by, you will progressively forget me taking pictures to let your true emotions be expressed.

How will we go from one location to another?

To best way to get from one location to the next would be taking an Uber or grab a taxi if you don’t have Internet while you’re in Paris.  

How long is a photoshoot?

A mini-session at one location lasts 30 min. Otherwise, a photoshoot last from one to two hours, which gives you enough time to have pictures in 2 or 3 locations.

After the photoshoot

How long do we have to wait until we see the photos?

7 – 10 days after your photoshoot, we will plan a Skype viewing session, so you can discover your photos all together as well as choose how you would like your memories to live through wall art, photo albums, prints…

What can we do with our photos?

Glad you ask! For all the collections, you will receive your photos in JPEGs in high resolution without watermark, so you can share and print them as often as you wish.


I can also help you create beautiful & professional albums as well as wall art that will warm your interior.

Where can we leave you a review?

I always love to have your feedback, about how you felt during the session, what you thought about your photos and how you will make them alive!


It is really helpful for me as well as next couples and families to have a better idea of the experience they are going to live.


Please leave your kind words here. Thank you so much!