Paris birthday photoshoot


Denise contacted me for a Paris birthday photoshoot.

To celebrate her 30th birthday, she organized a solo trip to Paris and wanted to keep beautiful memories of this moment. That’s why she hired me as her photographer for a solo photo session. She chose the 30-min photoshoot in a very iconic location in Paris: the Eiffel Tower!

Even in 30 minutes, we had plenty of time to walk around the location (Trocadero) to create different kind of pictures : while sitting, while walking, with the whole Eiffel Tower in the background or more closer portraits, to name just a few.

For this photo session, that was a great combo of candid shots as well as more posed ones. That’s the way I photograph people.

My goal is to make you feel at ease, so I can capture your true personnality and expressions.

During a solo portrait session, we will walk, we will talk, laugh and I will capture these moments in a candid way.

Paris birthday photoshoot
Paris birthday photoshoot
Paris birthday photo session
Photoshoot on a birthday trip in Paris
Paris photographer for solo traveler
Paris solo photoshoot Eiffel Tower
Paris birthday photoshoot
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Paris birthday photoshoot
Solo photo session in Paris
Paris birthday photoshoot

I’m Stephanie, English-speaking photographer of Happy People since 2015.

You can see more pictures of solo portraits in Paris and check out the pricing at this link.

I would love to capture your solo trip in a joyful and candid way while you’re in Paris! Let me know more about your story and wishes through my contact form.