How does an indoor family photoshoot in Paris look like?


You hesitate between an outdoor family photo session or a Paris indoor family photoshoot?

The weather is not good on the day of your photo session and it will take place at your home?

>> And you are wondering what an indoor family photo shoot look like?

In this article, I will show you several examples of photos taken indoors, in the homes of families I photographed.

I will also explain how an indoor photo shoot take place and the advantages it offers.

Paris indoor family photoshoot

Indoor family photo session: how does it work?

Just like for an outdoor shoot, my goal as a Paris professional family photographer is to capture the connection that exists within your family (between you and your children, with your husband or wife, between brothers and sisters) and to capture candid moments.

During your photo session, you will play with your children, make a chocolate cake all together, cuddle and tickle on the couch or in your room.

Lifestyle shots


Paris indoor family photo session
Paris kids photographer - by Bulles de Joie
Paris candid indoor family photoshoot
Christmas photoshoot in Paris
Lifestyle family photoshoot in Yvelines

Cuddling or tickling

Candid family photoshoot in Paris
Candid family shots
Paris lifestyle newborn photoshoot
Joyful family photoshoot Paris
Mum and son photoshoot in Paris

Cocooning moments during

By the fire place

Paris lifestyle newborn photo session
Family photoshoot

In your room or your children rooms

Paris indoor family photo session
Paris indoor family photoshoot
Indoor family photoshoot Yvelines

Having fun while jumping on to the bed, upside down

Paris indoor family photoshoot
Indoor family photoshoot Paris 17

The benefits of a Paris indoor family photoshoot

Making a photo session at home, in your home sweet home, has several advantages, such as:

Feeling at ease in your own environment

Especially if it’s your first family photo shoot and you don’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera, then an indoor photo shoot can be a good way to start.

Indoor family photoshoot Yvelines

Memories of home

In a few years, when you have moved or your decoration will have changed, you will be able to remember those little details of your home, the one in which you have lived so many good moments.

Candid shot during an indoor family photoshoot in Paris

No need to worry about the weather

Rainy or windy, you’ll be warm in your cozy nest 🙂

No need to plan several outfits to suit the weather.

Paris lifestyle indoor family photoshoot

English-speaking photographer in Paris, I would be very happy to capture your love in connection in a joyful and candid way.

I offer indoor or outdoor family photoshoots, maternity photo sessions and lifestyle newborn photo sessions.

Photoshoots take place during the week, week-ends or during holidays.

For more information about a Paris photo session, you can contact me through my form or click on the link below.