Elopement in Paris Eiffel Tower


Elope to Paris – Princess and Leonardo


On April 17th, I met these two wonderful persons on elopement in Paris, madly in love and truly cheerful for whom I took great care of their souvenirs. So they can remember forever this special day and share their true moments and the emotions they experienced on that wedding day with their families and friends. I wish them a lot of happiness together!

Elopement in Paris at the Louvre - bride and groom looking at each other with love and almost kissing. More photos:

We cannot fully describe how perfectly you captured our wedding day. We have shown the photos to our family, friends, coworkers (and even our dentists!) and everyone absolutely loves them!

Stephanie, without a doubt, you are an immensely gifted photographer. In every shot, we are witness to our emotions and the beauty of celebrating our love in Paris. ” – Princess & Leonardo

Romantic wedding ceremony at the Eiffel Tower

In the beginning of this afternoon, we, the officiant, the videographer and myself were waiting in front of the Eiffel Tower. I was excited to meet this happy couple that would say “I do” today! At the time they arrived, in their vintage car, we could instantly feel their kindness and their love!

The ceremony began and emotion could be felt during their vows exhange and we even noticed tears of joy!

Parisian elopement: bride getting out of a vintage car (traction). Black and white photo by Bulles de Joie. More photos:Elopement in paris - bride and her bouquet with the River Seine in the back. More photos of this elopement:Elopement in paris - Woman smiling at her men while touching his hair. More photos:Elopement ceremony in Paris: woman wiping the tears from her husband. More photos: Elopement in Paris at the Eiffel Tower: exhange of vows. More photos:Exchange of rings - Elopement in Paris" You can kiss the bride " - Elopement in Paris Eiffel TowerPhoto session right after the vows exchange - couple walking and smiling at each other in front of a peniche on the River Seine. Photo taken by Bulles de Joie. More photos: Elopement in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. Couple walking down the River Seine. More photos:Black and white photo captured by Bulles de Joie of the bride getting in a vntage car, traction. More photos:

Ceremony followed by a photo session at Bir Haheim

After the ceremony, a photo tour was planned to discover the magical spots of the City of Love: Paris, on board of a Traction of the 50’s.

At some time of the day, the Trocadero can be really crowdy, so we decided to go to the Bir Hakeim bridge to have romantic pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Couple in front of the Eiffel Tower on their wedding day. More photos:Couple in front of the Eiffel Tower on their wedding day. Black and white picture of newly weds. More photos:Bride and groom walind down in a park at the Trocadero - captured by Bulles de Joie. More photos:

Bride and groom during their elopement photo session, in front of their traction and the Eiffel Tower. More photos:Bride and groom looking at each other in front of a vintage car. Elopement in Paris captured by Bulles de Joie. More photos:

Elopement in Paris: photoshoot at Alexander 3 bridge, the Louvre and place Vendome

After Bir Hakeim Bridge, we headed up to Alexander 3 bridge, then to the Louvre and finally to place Vendome.

During this photo session, in a natural and spontaneous way, we alternated between romantic and fun poses. A photo session for your elopement in Paris is a great way to discover iconic as well as more hidden places of the capital. Most of it, a love photo session is great moment spent with your loved one, that you will remember forever through the portraits that I have been captured for you!

Bride bouquet. Elopement in Paris. More photos:Elopement in Paris, Alexandre 3 bridge. More photos: Elopement in Paris. Bride and groom dancing on Alexander 3 bridge. BLack and white photo. More photos: Couple admiring the view, the Eiffel Tower, from Alexander 3 brigeElopement in Paris Alexander 3 bridge. Black and white photo. More portraits:Elopement in Paris at the Louvre - bride and groom looking at each other with love. More photos:Parisian elopement. Bride holding her dress to cross the road. More photos:Elopement in Paris at PLace Vendome - bride and groom looking at each other with love. More photos:Bride and groom having fun. Bouquet launch at the end of a parisian elopement. More photos: