9 amazing Paris proposal spots

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9 amazing Paris proposal spots

You made your decision: you will propose her to be your wife on your next trip in Paris and you’re looking at the most amazing spots for your perfect proposal to come true.

Where to propose her in Paris?

There are so many beautiful Parisian places for a proposal. 9 amazing paris proposal spots have been selected to help you decide which one would be the most beautiful scenery to ask her to spend the rest of your life togethe

1.Cour Carrée – The Louvre

This amazing spot will carry you away through time, more particularly to the fourteenth century under Charles V. Imagine you as queen and king walking hand in hand in your Paris residence from the Louvre, before your magical proposal, surrounded by all this beauty.

Paris proposal spots: paris Proposal Louvre | Bulles de Joie

2.Bir Hakeim Bridge

The symbol of Paris as the scenery of your proposal, the Bir Hakeim bridge is a perfect spot to contemplate the Eiffel Tower and begin your romance as newlyweds.

Paris proposal spots: proposal Paris Eiffel Tower | Bulles de Joie

3.Colonnes de Buren

Surprise her with this unexpected installation (the Buren’s Columns). An open-air artist installation inside the Palais Royal, a palace built in the 17th century.  Climb on the highest column get back your childhood soul. Have fun, relax and laugh before proposing her in the middle of these 260 black and white marble columns.

Paris proposal spots: surprise proposal paris photographer |Colonnes de Buren

4.Place Dauphine

Sit down on a bench to remember the first time you met, the first time you kissed, how your love continue to grow and how happy you are together!

Paris proposal spots: place Dauphine | Bulles de Joie

5.Jardin des Tuileries

Sit down and relax next to the basin while eating an ice cream, looking at the water and the “Grande Roue” moving gently. A perfect spot to propose in a beautiful French garden.

Paris proposal spots: proposal Jardin des Tuileries | Bulles de Joie

6.Place de la Concorde

Surrounded by the “Grande Roue”, monumental fountains, the Luxor Obelisk, the “Grand Palais” as well as the Eiffel Tower, this place is perfect to ask her at the heart of Parisian symbols.

Paris proposal spots: proposal place Concorde | Bulles de Joie

7.Ile St Louis

Suddendly, you will stop walking along the River Seine to make your declaration of love. Your fiancée will keep this moment forever: you asking her to marry with Notre-Dame and haussmannian buildings. So romantic!

Paris proposal spots: wedding proposal Notre-Dame | Bulles de Joie

8.In a vintage car

Arrange with the chauffeur to stop at your favorite place and to leave you alone (with a perfect excuse) to make your proposal to your loved one and make the most of this moment.

Paris proposal spots: proposal Paris vintage car | Bulles de Joie

9.A parisian café

Hand in hand, face to face… How sweet is life together!

Paris proposal spots: proposal in a cafe paris | Bulles de Joie


If you want to have Paris on your own and enjoy the moment just the two of you, the best time to go on these amazing spots is on Sundays, before 8 – 9 am, when the City of Love is still asleep.

For you, which of this paris proposal spots represents the most amazing one for your proposal to come in Paris?

Photo credit for all the photos of this post: Bulles de Joie.


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