Your lifestyle photo session with a professional photographer


People that are connected to each other(s): lovers, families and friends.


An happy, spontaneous and genuine photoshoot, for artistic portraits, romantic and fun snapshots.


To keep lively souvenirs from your proposal, your engagement, your honeymoon, your birthday, your anniversary, your holidays…


Each season is appropriate, each one creates its own atmosphere. In the season time, the perfect moments for a photoshoot are during sunrise or sunset.


In Paris or wherever you imagine your perfect photoshoot in France.


Moments are captured in a natural and spontaneous way, by walking down the street, talking together, so you can feel comfortable to express your feelings and your personnality.

Frequent Asked Questions


What happens if it’s raining the day of the photoshoot

If it’s raining, the photo session will take place in a café or in beautiful covered places in Paris.


What can we wear for our photoshoot?

Please click here to see examples of outfit.


I’m not photogenic…

That’s what my clients are thinking often. By making feel confortable throughout the photoshoot, this will allow you to express spontaneous expressions, so as to capture your natural beauty.


How much is photoshoot with Bulles de Joie Photographie?

A photoshoot is an out-of-time moment that we give to ourself and our loved one(s). A happy moment that will last forever through natural, spontaneous and happy pictures..

Click here to see the price for a photoshoot.

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